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A Magazine for cruise passengers all around the world - John Treacy tells how this magazine began...

We first cruised in 1971 and continue to this day visiting various parts of the world aboard many different cruise ships. To us it is still the way to travel and enjoy a fabulous vacation.

In the early 90s after being an avid reader of cruising magazines published in the USA and UK, I believed there was a niche for such a publication to be produced in Australia covering the local cruise scene as well as global activity.

My background was the media industry and in particular publishing so I understood the requirements to produce such a publication. After a number of dummy magazines we set out sights on a publication towards the end of 1997 and after visiting the cruise companies they indicated support and our first publication was published in February 1998. You can view this first publication here. Initially we set a program to produce a 12 or 16 page publication 4 times a year. Within a few years this grew to a bi-monthly publication with page numbers forever increasing.

Today our page size is between 50 - 65 pages with great support from both the cruise companies, the travel industry and subscribers. The magazine continues to grow and the support to this website grows daily.

This interview here was by David Jones from Carnival Australia with me about my passion for cruising and the magazine World Wide Cruising News & Pictorial.

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